Slow Futur – Zombie Zombie


Ahhhhh La France n’est ce pas mes cheries? Remember that time John Carpenter made a Paris set movie about warring gangs of zombie Jugglers? Non? “I came here to eat brains and twirl flaming batons, and I’m all out of brains” or something. Zombies are never strong on dialogue but they can do a good gallic shrug, it opens up new possibilities. You’ll have to imagine it for yourselves but it would definitely be a great thing. Magnifique. French duo and massive Carpenter accolytes Zombie Zombie have been making pretty wild 80’s style synthscape business for about ten years so I guess we can say they were slightly ahead of the curve on its current vogue. It’s also clear they’re masters at it. This is their fifth full length and sees them stretch right out over four long twisty tracks effortlessly shifting between rhythms and moods. Obviously bleeping, pulsing, droning synths abound and there’s a wonderful, stentorian, robot voice on the title track. I’ve found to my cost that it’s best not to read very much about this latest release as it has been put together to soundtrack some kind of juggling performance, a regrettable turn of events I feel. Juggling is generally just rubbish isn’t it? Still, if soundtrack music forms a core strand of your sound it seems straightforward enough you’ll want to go ahead and start actually soundtracking things. They even find room towards the end for an extended sax solo, an idea that upsets some people more than the juggling, but honestly not only is it not slick and 80’s and disgusting, it actually manages to be quite restrained and pretty good at the same time before giving way to an escalating battery of percussion that brings thing to a close. I expect the event is of a sufficiently high calibre that even a grumpy cynic like me would have to concede parts of it were impressive. Happily I don’t have to because I can just listen to it and make a b-movie in my mind of undead circus folk rampaging through the Tuileries gardens and such. Maybe if LePen gets elected we could all get to watch it happen on the news for real.



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