cats ‘n’ techno – they love it


Italian kittens. Let’s press on and round out this tour of EU countries by Friday, get to the pub early. Italy – it ain’t all pizza and bunga bunga. Some more techno here, a couple of releases on Opal Tapes at the end of this week. Both tunes up for streaming are claustrophobic, driving, machine-tooled clank and grind. No messing, no murk, no time wasters. Gondwana is Andrea Taeggi who has put out stuff on Opal Tapes before including last year’s excellent Transmissions From Revarsavr  as half of Lumisokea with Koenraad Ecker. The title track ‘Miccaotli’ has some clattering erratic percussion and builds a unique pile of twisting metal noises up on top.

Domenico Crisci is pretty much new to me but has put out stuff on all kinds of labels including Jealous God, which makes sense, even the title ‘Black Roses’ is like something Jealous God or Downwards would put out – and it has that familiar dark pounding thing going on. It’s splendid.



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