Satan Is Vegan


Latvia is the last remaining of the more mysterious, far flung corners on this queasy spin around the European Union. Let it not be said that the Latvians lack humour. Unholy Satan is just under ten minutes of two mates, probably wasted on cheap liquor and glue, deciding to make a satanic black metal record with a tape recorder and an acoustic guitar. It is infantile, debased and hilarious. Lead track ‘Let Satan Speak Through Your Anus’ should leave you in tears of joyous laughter or a fog of utter incomprehension. ‘Satan Is Vegan’ doesn’t quite live up to its amazing title, closer ‘Woods Of Satan’ has some crappy horror organ and amusing growling but despite the brevity of the EP it tails off a bit and I doubt we’ll be eagerly awaiting their album. but for those first two and a half minutes it’s absolute greatness.

Chomsky Chess Club is a sort of funny name. To me anyway. Their music isn’t particularly funny though. Taking a break from all the techno, field recordings and childish noise of the last few posts they’re an actual band with actual songs. As is so often the way, clues can be gleaned from the cover – a flash blown artless family snap of a sleepy child rubbing his eyes. Could be a Sebadoh record. Chomsky Chess Club are indeed a 90’s alt-rock type of deal. Pretty good at it too, the songs are well constructed, well played and recorded and never painfully derivative. I certainly bought worse examples of the genre at the time and I can’t help thinking how well they’d be doing through the established channels if they were from London not Riga. I would probably hate them for it too. Anyway, ‘Knife’ is a pretty good tune.



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