Infinite Glance Court – Maoupa Mazzocchetti


aaaaand finally, here come the Belgians! So, I guess we had to wind up in Brussels, administrative epicentre and continental byword for wrongheaded micromanagement. In unrelated news it’s also home to wonky techno chap Mauopo Mazzocchetti, who appears to be in flagrant contradiction of some EU edict about adding surplus letters to one’s name, the tinker. He’s not much of one for observing genre rules either, more into wandering around giving free rein to his own curious imaginings. This EP is a clutch of endearingly odd little adventures that hold onto the techno tag somewhat absent mindedly. Submerged voices are slowly drowned out by slightly awkward space age bleeps and clonks on first track ‘Infinity A’. The pick of the bunch is ‘I Would Prefer Not To’ which is like some kind of Kraftwerk/Pram hybrid voiced by a speak and spell. Okay, yeah, it is like Modified Toy Orchestra. Although at the same time, it’s not. ‘Gelatin Liposuction Candy’ is a disturbing title and the track buzzes and pulses like some cheerfully awful machine subjecting you to a medical indignity. This is the ungodly robot surgery they have planned for us if we don’t quit the EU and destroy the NHS as quickly as possible. Mark my words.




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