A walk in the woods with Fenriz

A little sunday afternoon constitutional? How about an agreeable hike with the world’s cuddliest black metal legend and vice-councilman of Oppegård, Fenriz? If we’re going to have black metal aerobics then black metal hiking actually makes a lot more sense. Forests is all the way TRVE CVLT and that. Anyways, this is a calming and enjoyable piece off Norwegian TV from the end of last year in which Fenriz takes a female presenter off into the forest and you don’t, even for an instant, worry he’s going to sacrifice her to the dark lord. They just talk about hiking and how great the forest is and how everybody should come out and enjoy nature and so on. A little bit like Countryfile but with more AC/DC and Ozzy references.

Also, if no-one has yet started a black metal band called ‘The Vice-Councilmen of Oppegård’ they really should get on it right away. Really, whoever is behind this 8-bit cover of the title track of Darkthrone’s last album should use it and get out on the road . . .


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