Square Peg / Black Hole

Square Peg - Black Hole

My time as acting reviews editor of Narc is coming to an end: once that’s out of the way I’ll enjoy being able to listen to music for pleasure again, and returning to writing the Panic & Carousels column too.

For now, here’s a mix that collects releases that have got my arm hairs tingling over the last few months (including a mere handful of yet to be released selections). Some of this is comparatively old but it’s all fantastic stuff. It’s yr standard Hickey mix of riffs, beats, filth and oddness, and if you get past the fantastically discordant Sly & The Family Drone & Dead Neanderthals / Penderecki double-whammy, there’s some lovely , gentle tunes to see you out including two selections from Kemper Norton‘s stunning Hungan album.

Here’s what’s included and there’s a dropbox link to the file here (although this will only last for a while)

  1. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk (from the Blue Velvet soundtrack)
  2. Circle – Terminal
  3. Boris – Memento Mori
  4. Part Chimp – Bouncer’s Dream
  5. Snapped Ankles – Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin
  6. Lone Taxidermist – Hammered In Homebase
  7. Jane Weaver – The Architect (Andy Votel’s Brutalizt 250kg Ready Mix)
  8. Daniel O’Sullivan – Apocryphonium
  9. Impulse Array – Low Orbit Burn
  10. Ekoplekz – Acrid Acid
  11. Housewives – Excerpt 5
  12. Moon Duo – Sevens
  13. Thurston Moore – Smoke Of Dreams
  14. Mirrored Lips – S&V
  15. Downtown Boys – Violent Complicity
  16. Lower Slaughter – Tuberculosis / Bad Choice
  17. USA / Mexico – L.A.
  18. UFOMammut – Warsheep
  19. Sly & The Family Drone & Dead Neanderthals – Ghoul Whispers
  20. Krzysztof Penderecki – De Natura Sonoris II
  21. Kemper Norton – Gull Creek
  22. Jessica Moss – Glaciers Pt I
  23. Astrid & Rachel Grimes – Mossgrove & Seaweed
  24. Blackdamp – Cannily, Cannily
  25. IX Tab – The Smoke & The Birds
  26. Kemper Norton – Dinah Hamlyn





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