The final girl of finger foods


13009791hey there lucky people, it’s Friday 13th (again – trapped in an ever recurring nightmare) – who wants to come to a cabin in the woods this weekend and get totally shitfaced? No? Don’t be chicken. We can fight evil too if you like. Persisting beyond all reason into 2017, thee monkey’s claw scraped up a pile of queasy ‘he’s behind you’ ambience, blasts of noise terror and lots of “shit, RUN!!!” beats into the kind of dubious party mix that’s always the last thing left on the side, looking a bit sad there, sort of picked at and only getting eaten once everyone’s too drunk to taste anything. The final girl of finger foods. or something. Anyway, not only is it Friday 13th again but it’s hallowe’en just around the corner so get in the grim mood with this queasy buffet of drones,weird noises and pounding techno dotted with decaying 80’s pop smashes . . .   

download it – (if you dare!!!)

Mamiffer –  13 Burning Stars
Puce Mary –  The Temptation to Exist
Pye Corner Audio – Ganzfeld Effect
Demdike Stare –  Dyslogy
Raime –  Dead Heat
Pye Corner Audio –  Transmission Thirteen:Line Of Sight
Johnny Cash – Reads From The Good Book
Marreck – False Martyr
Coil –  Tunnel of Goats VIII
The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu -It’s Grim Up North (Part 2)
Barker & Baumecker – Club Entropicana
Wham! – Club Tropicana
Aphex Twin – B side (DFN2016)
Dalhous – Statistical Order
Mark Kozelek –  13
Nurse With Wound – I Put My Mouth To The Lips Of Eternity
KETEV – Women / Animal Skull
New Order –  Elegia





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