Burn like a healing hand

What better day than this to sink into Andrew Liles’ slightly odd obsession with the Sisters Of Mercy? Looping and stringing out the choir from the start of ‘This Corrosion’ gloriously. Sadly it appears his full length instrumental electronic rereading of their debut as ‘First Monster Last Monster Always Monster’ seems to have dropped off his bandcamp page which is a pity. There’s a whole world of weird monster fixated stuff there if you want it. Here’s a youtube clip of his run at ‘Black Planet’ and the official ‘This Corrosion’ clip in its full swaggering preposterous glory because well, as ridiculous and overwrought as it clearly is – it’s also kind of irresistibly great. It’s the just the most… something thing. Somehow coolly detached and shamelessly histrionic at the same time. Happy hallowe’en.




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