Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert

Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert

I don’t get much time on here these days, so props to Thee Monkey’s Claw for keeping things ticking along. I don’t get time to do the Panic & Carousels blog for NARC. magazine at the moment either, although people keep sending me good stuff. I get what I can in the mag itself, and I listen to it all. But hey, here’s a mix – all either not long out or not even released yet.

Some of this stuff might just contain enough rage to give you some sort of release as this whole fucking island topples into the abyss.

Also, pop.

Here’s what’s on it:

  1. Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay – Alienor en Aout (Pt 1)
  2. The Cosmic Dead – Psych Is Dead
  3. USA Nails – Play It Again, Johnny
  4. Ho99o9 – United States Of Ho99o9
  5. The Bug Vs Earth – Snakes Vs Rats
  6. El Mahdy Jr – Time To Sell The Golden Teeth
  7. The Pessimist – Peter Hitchens
  8. pHarmerz – Sheena Is An Acid Casualty
  9. Basic House – Janet Terminal Blue
  10. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Icon (Chlorine Remix)
  11. Pye Corner Audio & Faten Kanann – The Darkest Wave
  12. Portland Vows – Applications
  13. Nicholas Britell – Chiron’s Theme (Chopped & Screwed)
  14. Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley – Love Letters
  15. Gnod – Bodies For Money
  16. Temple Ov BBV – What Happens To Memories When You Die?
  17. Part Chimp – Lies
  18. Bad Guys – Dickhead For Love
  19. Petrol Girls – Phallocentric
  20. Fret! – Surf
  21. Hey Colossus – Experts Toll
  22. King Champion Sounds – Fool Throttle
  23. Oxbow – The Finished Line
  24. White Hills – Attack Mode
  25. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizards – Hot Wax
  26. Mary Ocher ft Your Government – Zah Zah Pt 1
  27. Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon – All I Meander Even Ever
  28. $un $keletons  – Winding Down The Gramophone



Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop

It’s fair to say that Thee Monkey’s Claw has been doing all the heavy lifting round these parts for the last few months, I’ve been fannying around mostly. Including writing the Hickeysonic-related Panic & Carousels column for the NARC. Magazine website (the most recent being here). A recent expansion in my NARC. role means even that very occasional column is gonna have to go on hiatus for a few months, and some of the albums I might have written about there might well crop up here instead.

In the months since the last column there’s been a fucktonne of new stuff I would have written about and now probably won’t, but the least I can do is let you listen to it. So here’s a lengthy mix of things that would have been in the new Panic column, had I written it. And some other stuff that’s not even out yet that may crop up in NARC. at some point.

Hey, it’s better than a poke in the ear with a sharp stick, although that might sound better.

Hickeysonic Presents Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop.jpg

You can stream Hickeysonic Presents Sun Kissed Gap Year Pop here.

And this is what’s on it:

  1. Lawrence English – Somnambulist
  2. Unruly Milk – Endless Unlit Lobbies
  3. Part Chimp – Namekuji
  4. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief
  5. Moon Duo – Cult Of Moloch
  6. Emptyset – Axis 1
  7. Sherwood & Pinch – Gun Law
  8. Loscil – Red Tide
  9. Uniform – The Lost
  10. Gnod – Real Man
  11. Sex Swing – Murder Witness
  12. Free Nelson Mandoomjazz – You Are Old, Father William
  13. Blurt – I Wan’ See Ella (live at Cafe Oto)
  14. Julie’s Haircut – Deluge
  15. Bardo Pond – Crossover
  16. Deutsche Ashram – Draze’N’ Cuss
  17. Kreol Lovecall – Social Spaces
  18. Richard Youngs – Like An Astronaut
  19. Polypores – Wastes 1
  20. Portland Vows – Paper
  21. Time Attendant – Elementary Electronics
  22. Kek-W – Tetrad
  23. Blanck Mass – The Rat
  24. Casual Nun – Everyman’s Folly
  25. Hey Colossus – The Drang
  26. Death Pedals – Kronk
  27. Grey Hairs – The Chin Pt 2
  28. Tough Tits – Nipslip
  29. Wire – Short Elevated Period
  30. Fret! – Cawlett
  31. Sleep – Clarity
  32. The Memory Band – By The Truth Of My Right Hand
  33. David Colohan – NASA Says Not To Worry
  34. Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – Leaving Moomin Valley



Say, what’s that you’re listening to there? (Bub’s Mixtape)

dotd_bubPanic & Carousels Episode 20 – Day Of The Dead

okay then, so despite vaguely wondering about the idea for about 5 mins, no new ‘spooky hits’ hallowe’en mix caper has been forthcoming this year. Fairly sure some sort of new mix/podcast will eventually materialise but for now here’s a Day Of The Dead collection of uneasy moods and drones and general disquiet and such from a few years back. Do the zombie dance! As I recall I played that Gatekeeper track at Supernormal this year for some reason – it’s one of the more upbeat fun numbers in this set, followed by the still, frankly, upsetting White Noise. There’s loads of other great stuff from your favoured doom mongers including Shackleton sampling ‘The Spirit Of Dark and Lonely Water’ and Leyland Kirby with his Stranger hat on, ending with the wonderful John Carpenter – currently out wowing the people with a live review of his film music and dad dancing – get with it daddio. As for Zombie overlord Georgio Romero, he’s been claiming it’s all over (chewed or stumbled over the shark or something) and who can argue with him?

here’s some more, although still incomplete, info for you as well as the Dark and Lonely Water clip so you can play it over the top at your own discretion – several minutes grim fun to be had there I think you’ll find…

Hype Williams  –  Existential Flux  (The Attitude Era, Free download, 2012 )
Christian Vogel  –  Commence  (Eselsbrucke,  SubRosa, 2013)
Gatekeeper  –  Chains   (Giza, Merok, 2010)
White Noise –  The Visitation  (An Electric Storm, Island records, 1969)
Umberto  –  Confrontation  (Confrontations, Not Not Fun, 2013)
Propergol  –  Torquemada  (Paradise Land, Tesco Organisation, 2012)
Shackleton  –  The Branch Is Weak  (Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals,  Skull Disco, 2008)
Haxan Cloak  –  Burning Torches Of Despair   (The Haxan Cloak, Aurora Borealis, 2011)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement  –  Abaxial Masks With Sockets Closed To Hide The Face When The Destroyer Comes  (The Plant With Many Faces, Hospital Productions, 2013)
The Stranger  –  We Scarcely See Sunlight  (Watching Dead Empires In Decay, Modern Love,  2013)
Postdrome  –  Disintegration  (Where The King Will Land, 2013)
Scorn –  Orgy Of Holiness  (Vae Solis, Earache, 1992 )
Moongazing Hare  –  Swastika Ponies March  (The Sunderland Wreck, drowning, 2012)
Deaf Center  –  The Day I Would Never Have  (Owl Splinters, Type, 2011)
Christian Vogel  –  Ballad  (Eselsbrucke, SubRosa, 2013)
Lustmord  –  Item  (Juggernaut, hydra head, 2007 )
Prurient  –  Hell Is Real  (African Division, Hospital Productions, 2005)
Demdike Stare  –  Grows Without Bound  (Test Pressings,  Modern Love,  2013)
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  –  The Secret Door  (Oust, SicSic, 2013)
John Carpenter  –  Shape Escapes (Halloween OST, )



balloooon copy

Astronaut Music From Bedlam

Finally got round to putting together a new Panic & Carousels column for Narc – you can read it here.

Astronaut Music From Bedlam.jpg

This one has Woven Skull, Girl Sweat, Sly & The Family Drone, drcarlsonalbion, Hey Colossus, Melvins, Girl Sweat, Boris, Concrete Tapes, St James Infirmary, Khünnt, Peter J Smyth and Cluster.

As usual, it comes with a mix – stuff that’s mentioned in the column, stuff I should have mentioned, and a few things just because they fit.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Portland Vows – Free Milk
  2. Melvins – War Pussy
  3. Boris – Heavy Rock Industry
  4. Hey Colossus – Wired, Brainless (version)
  5. drcarlsonalbion – She Moved Thru’ The Fair
  6. Blown Out – Gravitic Imploder
  7. Girl Sweat – The Floor Swallowed Me Whole
  8. Nisennenmondai – #3
  9. Ex-Easter Island Head – Ten Bells
  10. Acidliner – Home
  11. Four Tet – Pockets (Minimal Version)
  12. Hoofus & IX Tab – The Ploughs & The Machines
  13. Preston Field Audio – Café Daydream
  14. The Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival
  15. Kamasi Washington – Final Thought
  16. Swans – Finally, Peace
  17. Steve Gunn – Park Bench Smile
  18. St James Infirmary – All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
  19. Peter J Smyth – It’s Gone
  20. Brian Eno – Fickle Sun (III): I’m Set Free
  21. Preston Field Audio – Brass
  22. Cluster & Eno – Base Apex
  23. Sly & The Family Drone – Your Mum’s A Provincial Rock Club
  24. Woven Skull – The Forest Of Everything II

The Measure Of Fidget

Another month, another Panic & Carousels column for Narc…

Panic & Carousels - The Measure Of Fidget.jpg

This one has Ulver, eMMplekz, Hag, Rangda, Cavalier Song, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Matmos, Bonnie Prince Billy & Bitchin’ Bajas and Fret!

It also – as is now traditional – has an accompanying mix. Tracks from artists mentioned in the column and then a few tracks that just warrant inclusion somehow.

Here’s the mix


and here’s the tracklist:

  1. eMMplekz– Britain’s Got Talon
  2. Man Coach Life Forever – Miles
  3. Rangda – The Sin Eaters
  4. Mogwai – Bitterness Centrifuge
  5. Hag – Low
  6. Cavalier Song– Stones For Throwing
  7. The Body & Full Of Hell – Fleshworks
  8. That Fucking Tank – Chumbawanger
  9. Gate – Asset
  10. Guerilla Toss – Multibeast TV
  11. Melt Yourself Down – The God Of You
  12. The Clash Vs The Bug & Spaceape – The Guns Of Brixton
  13. Tim Hecker – Black Phase
  14. Matmos – Ultimate Care II (Excerpt)
  15. Bonnie Prince Billy & Bitchin’ Bajas – Your Whole Family Are Well
  16. Blown Out – Transcending Deep Infinity (live at Supernormal 2015)
  17. Ulver – Cromagnosis
  18. Haiku No Ku – Sea Of Blood
  19. Mugstar – Flemish Weave
  20. The Body – Adamah
  21. 75 Dollar Bill – WZN2
  22. Carthage – Falls
  23. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Melody In High Feedback Tones
  24. eMMplekz – Gloomy Leper Techno
  25. A Wake A Week – Twelve Days (Pt 3)


Panic & Carousels

The Panic & Carousels column for Narc Magazine was supposed to be regular – monthly, even – but by the end of 2015 it was dead in the water. Life, eh?

Panic & Carousels Narc Mix - Feb 2016

Anyway, all being well it should get back to at least  being fairly regular this year, and kicks off 2016 with a look back at 2015. You can take a look here. There’s reviews – or mentions, at least – for Workin Man Noise Unit, Early Mammal, Laura Cannell, Karen Gwyer, Kemper Norton, Supernormal and Tor Ist Das?, Woven Skull and The Cesarians, Shape Worship, Coil, This Heat, Harmonia. Mogwai, The Bug, Terminal Cheesecake, Denver Broncos UK, Oneida, Mamuthones, Capra Informis and Was Ist Das?‘ Noise In  The Woods compilation.

There’s also my Hickey-friendly end of year chart:


  1. = Hey Colossus – In Black & Gold (Rocket Recordings)
    = Hey Colossus – Radio Static High (Rocket Recordings)
  2. DBUK (Denver Broncos UK) – Songs One Through Eight (SCAC Unincorporated)
  3. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet & Other Distress (Constellation)
  4. Woven Skull – Lair Of The Glowing Bantling (Penske Recordings)
  5. Sleaford Mods – Key Markets (Harbinger Sound)
  6. Low – Ones & Sixes (Sub Pop)
  7. King Midas Sound & Fennesz – Episode 1 (Ninja Tune)
  8. Grey Hairs – Colossal Downer (Gringo)
  9. Blown Out – Jet Black Hallucinations (Golden Mantra)
  10. Teeth Of The Sea – Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (Rocket Recordings)
  11. Henry Blacker – Summer Tombs (Riot Season)
  12. Jenny Hval – Apocalypse Girl (Sacred Bones)
  13. Shape Worship – A City Remembrancer (Front & Follow)
  14. Wire – Wire (Pink Flag)
  15. EEK & Islam Chipsy – Kahraba (Nashazphone)
  16. Luminous Bodies – Luminous Bodies (Box)
  17. Workin Man Noise Unit – Play Loud (Riot Season)
  18. Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers– Seasonal Hire (Thrill Jockey)
  19. Bad Guys – Bad Guynaecology (Riot Season)
  20. Shit & Shine – 54 Synth Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral (Rocket Recordings)

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an all-too-rare mix, of releases from the column or from the chart and some other bits and pieces.

Here’s what’s on it:

  1. Luminous Bodies – Stay Dead
  2. Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Yeah, I Was Hypnotised
  3. Teeth Of The Sea – Animal Manservant
  4. Mamuthones – Symphony For The Devil
  5. Shape Worship – Heygate Palimpsest
  6. Laura Cannell – For Sorrow Salt Tears (Karen Gwyer Edit)
  7. Raime – This Foundry (Regis Version)
  8. The Bug – Krak Teng
  9. E.E.K. ft Islam Chipsy – El Bawaba
  10. This Heat – 24 Track Loop
  11. Hey Colossus – Heaven Blows
  12. Oneida – All Data Lost
  13. Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud
  14. Harmonia – Walky-Talky
  15. Bird People – Calder Valley Rockaway (Live At Tor Ist Das?)
  16. Woven Skull – Ananda


Reelfoot Checking In


So my shadowy simian colleague has been holding the fort here while I’ve been working, dicking about, writing elsewhere and drinking like a bastard. I’ll probably add some thoughts to his Supersonic write-up (all the bands I saw while he was still in his cave), and I’ll hopefully add some thoughts about Bradford Threadfest, Supernormal and last weekend’s marvellous Tor Ist Das? too.

As I mentioned back in November, Narc Magazine are letting me write a very occasional column about Hickeysonic-style releases for their website. There’s been four more since then, some of which were accompanied with a mix that covered the releases included.

December 2014 – including Evil Blizzard, Kemper Norton, Nazoranai, Hey Colossus and Richard Dawson and this mix.

It also had my top 25 Hickey-friendly releases of 2014, which were

1       The Bug – Angels & Devils
2       Richard Dawson – Nothing Important
3       King Champion Sounds – Songs From The Golden Hour
4       Swans – To Be Kind
5       Mogwai – Rave Tapes
6       Sleaford Mods – Divide And Exit
7       Kogumaza – Kолокол
8       Shellac  – Dude Incredible
9       IX Tab – R.O.C.
10     Aphex Twin – Syro
11     Carla Bozulich – Boy
12     Grouper – Ruins
13     Resource Centre – Low Fantasy EP
14     Scott Walker & Sunn O)))  – Soused
15     Grumbling Fur – Preternaturals
16     Kemper Norton – Loor
17     OOIOO – Gamel
18     Ambarchi/O’Malley/Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos
19     Earthling Society – England Have My Bones
20     Soft Pink Truth – Why Do The Heathen Rage
21     Year Of Birds – Slack Handfuls Of Nothing
22     Ben Frost – A U R O R A
23     Sly & The Family Drone – Uneccesary Woe
24     Blown Out – Drifting Way Out Between Suns
25     Earth – Primitive & Deadly

March 2015 – this one had IX Tab, Foot Hair, Blown Out, 11 Paranoias, Nissenenmondai, Pelican, Shit & Shine and Portia Winters. No mix though.


April 2015 – this was a beast. Some massive overexcitement about Godspeed You! Black Emperor, plus Henry Blacker, Grey Hairs, Gnod, Enablers and some other bits and pieces. And a proper mix here.


And then this month‘s – some big love for the XPylon charity album plus Tor Ist Das?, Band Of Holy Joy, Boredoms, God Unknown Singles Club, Goat, Envy and Hills. And a big ole mix.