Girl Band


Almost home then. Girl Band were always going to be the Irish stop off on this little jaunt. Probably I should investigate further and find someone/something else. Ah, well. Here’s a free download of some older stuff with a suitably europhile title. A few weeks ago I finally got to see them play the rescheduled dates they cancelled last year. They were absolutely fantastic. Alarming white jacket and all. Although, plainly, not actual girls, they’re probably the best looking and youngest noise rock band we’ve yet encountered, could go far. They’re a pleasing blend of post punk awkwardness and 90’s noise bands and they’re also the only one I can currently think of who have managed to remove all heavy metal trace elements from their sound. It makes a nice change to be honest, there’s a blessed abscence of machismo. They kicked off with ‘Um Bongo’ and ‘Pears for Lunch’ before Dara gets his jacket off and then stuck in the sleeve of his shirt. Yeah, drink may have been taken. I’m pretty sure they played a couple of decent new numbers during the night although no mention was made of it. ‘Fucking Butter’, as on the album, is too damn long and threatens a slump in proceedings but they came back strong for the home stretch. I wasn’t really expecting them to do ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?’ but it was incredible, stunningly fierce and still funky at the same time it took the set (and their recorded version) up a couple of notches. They ended on ‘Paul’ which was also overloaded and intense. If you’ve never watched the video clip for it, do that, it’s wonderful. Looking forward to their return with new recordings.