Spring Communication

Freshly made for you! and cynically nicking its name from the Children of Alice’s new record and only slipping in a short exerpt of the track  – this is a mix that takes in a lot of the stuff from the recent EU postcards posts and shakes them like multi coloured sprinkles over the whipped vanilla cone of european unity. or something. Make mine a 99.

harbinger of spring

Jonáš Gruska  –  V dolinách/Píly
Children Of Alice  –  The Harbinger of Spring (excerpt)
Einstürzende Neubauten  –  Hymnen
Sias  –  Spring Communication
Unholy Satan  –  Let Satan Speak Through Your Anus
TapeWorm  –  Nahnitý mozog
Maoupa Mazzocchetti  –  Portion
Microlith  –  Acid in a Church
Pierre Bastien  –  Gnostic Illicit Song
Lumisokea  –  Jenseits (Dub)
Driftmachine  –  Gaukelwerk
Oranssi Pazuzu  –  Luhistuva aikahakki
Black Candle  –  Gray ritual
Mirt  –  Michael’s Theme
Leyden Jars  –  Industrial Estate Revolution
Banabila, Machinefabriek  –  Awake
Machinefabriek  –  Vowls
Jenny Hval  –  Untamed Region
S Olbricht  –  Rien
Gondwana  –  A Gospel Of Dirt
Jonáš Gruska  –  Teba hľadá duša má, pokoja nikde nemá /Pasa II.



Macrocosms – Banabila & Machinefabriek


Today we are in Rotterdam where two sound scientists are going to show us the world from a wider perspective. In case you thought you had any significance or what you’re worrying about matters, we’ll look at what a meaningless speck you are in space and time. But it won’t be grim, it will be lush and amazing. The title track has a repeated narration that pulls back from the earth watching our activity upon its surface turn to pattern and fade out, the cover is an extreme close up on the face of a bug. Micro and Macro worlds are the overarching ideas at work here. While treating instrumental music as a soundtrack to something is a lazy and exhausted idea you can imagine this working remarkable effectively over incredible footage of bugs and forests and weather systems and such. It would probably be selling it a little short though because there’s enough texture, detail and finely tuned sound here to occupy your mind and stimulate your imagination without the need of lush images. A meticulous blend of field recordings, electronics and ‘real’ instruments it creates a wonderful set of atmospheres that are as much sound design as composition. Inkeeping with the projects concept the more you pay attention the more you notice the incredible range of sounds subtly woven into it, layer upon layer. Couple of glasses of wine, put this on your headphones, see yourself as a tiny bug in a vast and teeming universe, wonder at it, let go your ego – that kind of thing.


Vector illustration of pangolin

Machinefabriek – Dwaal/Wold


Not an obscure 80’s Italian cassette this time. Current, obscure Dutch audio tinkerer and graphic artist – hence the lovely sleeve, he always has good artwork. Was available as a cassette, of course, but they’re all gone now. Machinefabriek is a prolific and always intriguing guy. What you’ve got here is two near 20 min slabs of ambience, drones and glitches. It doesn’t really work as background music, it’s far too low key for that, you have to tune your hearing in to its subtleties if you’re going to bother at all. Of course, it’s easy to take the piss out of this sort of thing, you might achieve a similar effect by lying on the floor of the kitchen listening to the boiler and the fridge continue their eternal debate over temperature while the wind rustles the bare trees in the garden. It’s also possible to write all sorts of grand and foolish things about it should you try. There’s processed field recordings and so on, they always bring a calming blank canvas don’t they? Of the two ‘Wold’ is the one I like better, eased along by a pulse of gentle piano notes and quiet birdsong you can’t be quite sure is there or not. If you ever sat, or fell asleep infront of, an old TV tuned to no station and marveled at the sound and patterns in the static then the other track ‘Dwaal’ is more on that type of vibe. The sound of the wind against the mic, squalls of electrical weather. It’s meditative, not the sort of thing you listen to with anyone else. Possibly not the sort of thing you feel the need to listen to more than once either. I love it, did I mention the beautiful sleeve?