Bad Seed

Did you watch any of that Glastonbury there on your tellybox? As is our wont around here we were reminiscing about the last time we went, just four short years ago, and the last thing we saw there was Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ absolutely amazing set on the Sunday evening. Much has changed since then and as they head back out on tour you’re either in the “I’m not paying that much to see them play a sports barn” camp or the  “I really wish I hadn’t paid that much and they weren’t playing a sports barn” camp. Visions of watching a tiny little Nick in the far distance having paid £6 for shoddy beer sinking hearts across the board. Inevitably a fair amount of shaky clips have popped up from the current US dates. Mostly pretty poor sound and so on. Still, check this out – incredible quality, up close footage from the third row in Pittsburgh last month. There’s a few short clips throughout the show and three full length songs, both the image and sound quality is brilliant, Cave at several points singing pretty much straight into the camera. It might be pushing it to read too much into the clip but it’s hard not to think of that story he himself tells about watching Nina Simone’s performance transform her, he seems light, set free by the music. The band are predictably great, perhaps a little looser – there are a couple of slightly comic confusions – and Barry Adamson seems to have left his seat at the organ for Ed Balls to unexpectedly step in, in all honesty though it could just as easily be footage from four years ago . . .


movin on static tomatoes

the other day I was goin on about the reissue of ‘Blood Drums’ and how Cavern Of Anti Matter’s site had vanished and whatever. well, it’s very much THERE now, probably always was, I was just clicking an old German address or something like the fool that I am. On the upside the “I know that!” strummed chords of ‘Movin On Static’ continued to drive me crazy for a bit until I realised it’s pretty much ‘Sliced Tomatoes’. You can start singin “right about now, the funk soul brother…” yourself and marring your own and others enjoyment now.

elsewhere in ‘that sounds a bit like that’ news….

something in the vocal. A state of affairs suggesting a Venn diagram in which Fever Ray’s cover of Nick’s version (actually written by Anita Lane) is the middle section. It’s not borne out by listening to it though. I doubt Karin would be so crass.  and so on and so on