Spring Communication

Freshly made for you! and cynically nicking its name from the Children of Alice’s new record and only slipping in a short exerpt of the track  – this is a mix that takes in a lot of the stuff from the recent EU postcards posts and shakes them like multi coloured sprinkles over the whipped vanilla cone of european unity. or something. Make mine a 99.

harbinger of spring

Jonáš Gruska  –  V dolinách/Píly
Children Of Alice  –  The Harbinger of Spring (excerpt)
Einstürzende Neubauten  –  Hymnen
Sias  –  Spring Communication
Unholy Satan  –  Let Satan Speak Through Your Anus
TapeWorm  –  Nahnitý mozog
Maoupa Mazzocchetti  –  Portion
Microlith  –  Acid in a Church
Pierre Bastien  –  Gnostic Illicit Song
Lumisokea  –  Jenseits (Dub)
Driftmachine  –  Gaukelwerk
Oranssi Pazuzu  –  Luhistuva aikahakki
Black Candle  –  Gray ritual
Mirt  –  Michael’s Theme
Leyden Jars  –  Industrial Estate Revolution
Banabila, Machinefabriek  –  Awake
Machinefabriek  –  Vowls
Jenny Hval  –  Untamed Region
S Olbricht  –  Rien
Gondwana  –  A Gospel Of Dirt
Jonáš Gruska  –  Teba hľadá duša má, pokoja nikde nemá /Pasa II.



S. Olbricht – For Perfect Beings


I’m pretty sure it was Opal Tapes, that font of all things murky, subterranean and analogue, that first put S. Olbricht’s name in front of me, one of a long and impressive line of intriguing artists they’ve sign posted. Still, Lobster Theremin is a better name for a label though, no contest. This album from last year is pleasingly fuzzy, off-kilter techno, a soup of textured sound that comes into focus with closer listening rather than clattering you with rhythm tracks, which it keeps generally submerged. The cover is an out of focus shot of a forest, the tags include ‘swampy’ and, you have to concede, it does sound a bit like something mythical woodland creatures might have created using moss covered alien technology they found in a crashed aircraft. Which is obviously a good thing.